First of all, I’m sorry for being offline for so long!  I’ve just been enjoying every day with Zato and the time has flown.  I also had a bout of shingles that left me feeling pretty crummy for a few weeks, but thankfully (hopefully) all the weird and wacky things from that are coming to an end.

I am heartbroken to read of the passings that have occurred recently.  I know some of those sweet pups had their surgeries around the same time as Zato.

He’s doing great.  We haven’t done any x-rays or other tests because he feels so well.  He actually seems to be feeling better than he has in a long time, even before he got sick!  I don’t know if it’s the remedies and supplements, but we are enjoying watching him have so much fun.

Zato has been spending a lot of time, as usual, with Cadpig.  There is nothing she likes more than for Zato to lick her head.   A nap together after a bit of wrestling is nice, too.

And sometimes, you just need to display for the camera!