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First post-amp morning at our house

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Zato continues to amaze me at every turn.  He slept pretty well until about 4 a.m., and then he got a little restless and couldn’t seem to get comfortable.  About the time I was going to get another pill for him, he went back to sleep, and then woke me up for our usual morning […]

We’re Home!

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The surgeon called bright and early this morning to say that Zato was doing great and I could pick him up today!  They wanted to keep him a few more hours to let some more of the sedation wear off, which was fine with me since we’re 150 miles away anyway.  So we got in […]

The vet called…Zato did GREAT!

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He said he should bounce back really quickly.  They did chest x-rays to be sure of his lungs and all is clear.  I held it together until he said what a nice dog Zato is…then I lost it. I think I’m going to take a nap now. Two days with no sleep is well, you […]

Zato to the rescue, literally… and the rest of his story so far.

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Our pack grew quickly, with the addition of a Hound puppy and a tiny Amstaff puppy whose litter was left in a box at the dumpsters.  We fostered those guys and in the end, we couldn’t let Cadpig go.  Zato pretty much raised her, and she is the black and white girl you see in […]

Zato – the Beginning, Part Two!

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I kept volunteering at the shelter, and kept walking Zato.  But he was not impressed with being returned.  He was now in the little crate in what they called the grooming room, and usually the door was shut.  Zato isn’t a big barker, although he can join in on a good howl with the rest […]

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