Our sweet boy has had a few rough days, and we’ve been beside ourselves with all kinds of emotions.  I’ve been sleeping on the floor with him because the mattress is too soft and he cries when he tries to move around.  He’s on a firmer dog bed, and I’m on the couch cushions.

The increased pain meds may be starting to help.  While he has spent a good part of the last several nights crying, as well as crying when he gets up and down, that has stopped this evening (so far).  He had just been lying there looking out of it but has gotten up a few times tonight and followed me into the kitchen.  He also got up and went to the door when he needed to go out, which he hasn’t been doing (just lying there until we took him out).  When we went outside, he hopped over some rocks to go to his normal spot,  not the spot of the last few days, so this is really good.  And his tail is wagging more.

I’m still on the cushions tonight, and we leave early for Richmond to get his sutures out and see if we can identify the problem.  We will see if he has what I think could be nerve/phantom pains in the night, but overall he looks brighter and I am praying for an even better tomorrow!

He also started his homeopathic remedies today.

Zato & Penny