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Vet visit and hopefully turning the corner

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Our sweet boy has had a few rough days, and we’ve been beside ourselves with all kinds of emotions.  I’ve been sleeping on the floor with him because the mattress is too soft and he cries when he tries to move around.  He’s on a firmer dog bed, and I’m on the couch cushions.

The increased pain meds may be starting to help.  While he has spent a good part of the last several nights crying, as well as crying when he gets up and down, that has stopped this evening (so far).  He had just been lying there looking out of it but has gotten up a few times tonight and followed me into the kitchen.  He also got up and went to the door when he needed to go out, which he hasn’t been doing (just lying there until we took him out).  When we went outside, he hopped over some rocks to go to his normal spot,  not the spot of the last few days, so this is really good.  And his tail is wagging more.

I’m still on the cushions tonight, and we leave early for Richmond to get his sutures out and see if we can identify the problem.  We will see if he has what I think could be nerve/phantom pains in the night, but overall he looks brighter and I am praying for an even better tomorrow!

He also started his homeopathic remedies today.

Zato & Penny


Tweaking the meds…

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Poor little boy was up most of the night crying, and by 5 a.m. I was crying, too and apologizing for everything.  I kept massaging his little body and eventually we both fell asleep.  I called the vet first thing this morning and although Zato’s surgeon is off this week, I got to speak with one of his colleagues.  She was super nice and told me we can increase his Tramadol and Gabapentin in both frequency and dosage, and that should help.   She said if that didn’t help by Friday, to put him in the car and drive him up and they would go ahead and take his stitches out and try and figure out the problem.  So he’s had his first increased dose and we’re about to do a second.  Hang in there, little buddy!

I had spoken with Dr. Loops on Monday, and Zato’s remedies arrived today.  I’ll start those tomorrow.  Between pain meds and remedies and supplements, I need to make a chart to keep track of everything and time it all right!  But he’s worth every bit of effort.  I’ve been so inspired by all the stories here, but sometime in the wee hours last night I was thinking about Jerry in particular and his adventures, and started telling Zato all the things we are going to do when he feels better.  Just feel better.  Get better.  Please stay with me as long as you can.  As long as you’re happy.

I always have to kiss his head:

The Crash

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Well, the crash hit about day 5, and our little bud has been pretty uncomfortable for a few days now, but we’re just going to ride it out the best we can.  I upped his Gabapentin and added Tramadol to the mix after talking to our vet.  I was at the vet with another dog (not the surgeon), and they had gotten word about his surgery and were all asking about him.  So I said he was hurting and could I get some Tramadol for him, and she kindly agreed.

One of the folks at the vet told me I was brave to do the amputation.  Nah, not brave.  He’s the brave one.  She said she had been praying for him and I told her how much we appreciate that!

Richard’s gone to pick up a heating pad…I figure a little heat on some of the other areas certainly can’t hurt and might bring him some comfort.   We’ve blocked the couch since he seemed to be having pain when he would try and turn himself on the soft cushions. We’ve been lifting him up and down.  In the meantime, we’ll try and keep him as still and comfy as possible.  He seemed hot even with the AC so we put in a window unit to try and help keep cool air moving around him.

Our dog Holley quietly sneaked up next to him and after a few minutes they both fell alseep.  Hang in there, bud.

We love you.

Holley says, “I’m here for you.”

First post-amp morning at our house

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Zato continues to amaze me at every turn.  He slept pretty well until about 4 a.m., and then he got a little restless and couldn’t seem to get comfortable.  About the time I was going to get another pill for him, he went back to sleep, and then woke me up for our usual morning cuddles!  His tail was wagging even harder than usual.  We got up and as soon as I opened the fridge, he was right there, waiting on his food!  He ate it all.

Where’s my breakfast?

Got his pills down and went outside to leave some “pee-mail” all over the yard.  Again, no problems balancing.  He came back in and took a nap.  I have kept the other dogs away from him (except his sleeping companion Boodie the Hound, who won’t step on him).  This morning I let some of the calmer ones have a sniff and say hello and then they went back downstairs for some DogTV!

We got a gift in the mail from Zato’s friend Clover who was one of our rescue dogs and now lives in NY.  She sent a box of toys, treats, and all kinds of goodies, including some CHOCOLATE for me!  Good girl, Clover :).  Clover had a pretty rough start herself, but got adopted by one of the most amazing people I know and lives the life of a princess now.  And she should – it’s pretty obvious she is a princess:



Zato reads his letter from Clover.

So, so far so good! Thank you again for your support.  I am going to catch up on everyone’s stories ASAP. The last few days have been hectic and the house looks like a cyclone hit it.  It’s a good time to clean while Zato rests.  We have a phone consultation with Dr. Loops scheduled for Monday.


We’re Home!

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The surgeon called bright and early this morning to say that Zato was doing great and I could pick him up today!  They wanted to keep him a few more hours to let some more of the sedation wear off, which was fine with me since we’re 150 miles away anyway.  So we got in the car and went to get that sweet boy (thanks, Mom, for your love and support during all of this!).

The LVT gave us his instructions and an antibiotic to take in addition to his Carprofen & Gabapentin.  He needs cold compresses for fifteen minutes twice a day for 5 days.   He has some fluid in there but it’s not draining,  just a little puffy.  She said he had been doing great and wagging his tail, and that she also has a tripawd, as the result of an accident.  She also said that while he hadn’t eaten the food I left for him yesterday, he had pooped and had already mastered balancing himself!

Then she brought my boy in.  He just hopped right in, wagging his tail!  He has a bandage over the incision, so I haven’t seen it yet. We got in the car and he slept on the way home.  I called Richard as soon as we started back.  He is working out of town and was waiting to hear about our boy!  I sent him a picture :).  When we got home, I lifted him out and he had a good long pee. I AM impressed with his balance.  He would have gone up the porch stairs if I’d let him!  I picked him up, set him down in front of the door, and  he went in, hopped up on the couch before I could get to him, and started licking his paw.  Now he’s snoring on the couch beside me.  I know he’s uncomfortable and still doped up to a degree, but I swear the look I’m seeing on his face is RELIEF.

I think I can sleep tonight.

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